Quick tricks: making hair flowers

Honestly, this is so quick and easy I feel like a bit of a cheat writing a blog post about it.

When I knew I was going to be making this dress, I thought how lovely it would be to have some blue hair flowers to go with it. Blue, however, doesn’t seem to be a popular hair flower colour and, well, I couldn’t find any. Whilst walking around Sheffield town centre filled with existential despair (how could you do this to me, Accessorize?), I spotted a shop selling bunches of plastic flowers for a pound. A pound? Hmm.

An hour later I was home, armed with plastic flowers, the kind of hair clips I haven’t worn since I was a little girl, and some very serious-looking glue. I picked a Bostik glue that had “metals” in the list of things you could use it to stick – I’m pretty sure anything strong will do.

From there, it was simple – I cut the stems of the fake flowers as close to the petals as I could (be careful not to cut into the part holding the flowers together), popped the clips open, drizzled plenty of glue on the base of the flowers, arranged them nicely on the clips, and left overnight to dry. And done!