Octopi! Octopuses! Octopodes! Pick your plural, these guys are the coolest. I mean, check this out:

I really love them – in fact, on holiday in Spain this year I fell in love with a knitted octopus and brought him back to the UK with me – he’s called Pulpo.



This fabric called to me when I first saw it on Crafty Mastermind (they’re sold out of this colourway, but they have a really lovely black-on-dark blue one as well. Now do I need a coordinating top??), but as it’s Cotton and Steel and I live in the UK, it was a little expensive. £14.40 per metre expensive. Ouch. So, I wanted a pattern that would show off the fabric, but not use too much of it – enter Delphine.

You might remember that I planned to make this skirt in a red fabric back in August – and I actually did. There’s a reason you haven’t seen it though: it was huge. I tried to shape the waistband and somehow seemed to add about five inches to the skirt… I took it in, but the seams looked a mess, and in the end I gave up on it.

So I decided that the waistband would just have to remain unshaped, and cut a straight size eight (Tilly pattern sizes, not dress sizes!!), although I did add a good three or four inches to the length – I like my skirts to the knee.

It’s a very easy and quick sew, although I did finish the waistband facing differently from how Tilly suggests – I didn’t quite understand her instructions (which is a first – they are mostly so clear and accompanied by beautiful photographs), so I just understitched, pressed, folded the raw edge under, and did stitch-in-the-ditch to keep it all in place. It’s also very nice quality cotton, which made the whole experience even nicer.


I was making this skirt just before SewBrum, and was thinking how lovely it would be to have something fresh off the sewing machine to wear. It struck me the day before the event, however, that I didn’t have a top to match. Uh-oh.

Sorbetto to the rescue! Sorbetto was one of the first patterns I ever made, and recently, when Colette had a “Sorbetto week” on their blog, I altered the pattern a little (FBA, lengthened it an inch or so, and took out the centre pleat) and made a couple of cotton versions that have yet to find their way onto this blog.

So, I had a simple top pattern ready and waiting, and I also had some lovely navy crêpe in my stash. And not just any crêpe – vintage 1930s/1940s crêpe from a wonderful little shop in Sheffield called the Front Parlour. They sell all sorts of vintage things, from women’s dresses, to cigarette cards, to cocktail glasses, to books.

This top was also a super quick and easy make except… I was seriously running out of time. In the end I wore it to the event unhemmed. I mean it was tucked in – so what’s the harm, right?

And I love this outfit! Two super simple patterns, two beautiful fabrics – and some octopi!




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